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HM Treasury publish the outcome of the UK Prospectus regime review

Frank Daly

Response to FCA consultation paper CP22:2 “Strengthening our financial promotion rules for high risk investments, including cryptoassets”

Roger Blears

HM Treasury Consultation. Financial promotion exemptions for high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors. December 2021

National Security and Investment Act 2021

Rose Harvey – London Marathon 2021

How to spot a collective investment scheme

Summer 2021 Updates for VCT Fund Managers (3) – Direct Offers, a complementary fundraising tool?

Summer 2021 Updates for VCT Fund Managers – (2) Reorganisations to demerge subsidiary businesses for sale to overseas investors

Summer 2021 Updates for VCT Fund Managers – (1) Tips and flips for investing abroad and 
venture capital investing in Canada

New regulatory framework for approval of financial promotions: HMT publishes its consultation response

FCA publishes discussion paper ahead of proposed financial promotion changes later this year

Gradually, then Suddenly: a joint response to HM Treasury on the UK’s approach to cryptoasset regulation

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